Outbound Termination

Outbound Termination Call Center Solutions

ECTtelecom is the leading resource for information on SIP Trunking Outbound Termination and SIP Trunking Inbound Termination for Call Centers and businesses. We provide Wholesale Outbound and Inbound Termination for both US and International Outbound Termination. It’s not difficult to find a SIP Trunking service provider that can provide cost per minute rates for Outbound Termination below $0.0099 USD, but try obtaining these rates for Inbound Termination. However, ECTtelecom is able to obtain for our customers SIP Inbound Termination rates as low $0.0080 USD. We are never beat on rates for SIP Trunking Inbound Termination for call centers and contact centers.

We offer Outbound US NPA-NXX cost per minute rates as low as $0.0017 USD for call centers and contact centers. Our US Origination Outbound Termination Rates to Canada is as low as $0.0050 USD. Canada Origination Outbound calls to Canada Termination is as low as $0.0050 USD. Philippines Outbound Termination to the US is as low as $0.0078. All of our International rates are competitive, too.

ECTtelecom offers inContact cloud based predictive dialer software for Outbound Termination call centers and contact centers. The inContact hosted Predictive Dialer software can increase talk times and agent productivity so you can deliver a better customer experience for less. This sophisticated dialing engine also includes preview, progressive, and message lay-down dialing to match your business needs and increase the effectiveness of each contact, resulting in higher rates of success.

ECTtelecom consistently offers the lowest cost, High Speed Internet, Voice, SIP Trunking and data services.  For a no obligation quote CLICK HERE, or more information about SIP Trunking Phone Service contact an ECTtelecom specialist today at U.S. Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887.