SIP Trunking VoIP

SIP Trunking Is More Than VoIP

SIP Trunking has become the most popular voice communication worldwide in the VoIP family. Actually, SIP has been around for about 10 years, but in the last two years SIP Trunking VoIP has become a viable and cost saving replacement of TDM Long Distance Service. ECTtelecom as a successful master agent of Global Crossing were first in the deployment of SIP Trunking when all the other major USA carriers were having great difficulty in the provisioning SIP Trunking. Today SIP technology is common with most major carriers and resellers.

Most people think SIP Trunking is the same as VoIP, but it is much more than that. A SIP Trunk can be thought of as a telephone line through which calls are made and delivered over an IP trunk towards a provider PSTN through broadband or Ethernet. SIP Trunks can facilitate more than voice. It can convert services such as data, video, chat, instant messaging, e-mail, simultaneous calls on the same trunk, video or audio conferencing, toll free numbers, call center management and businesses.

ECTtelecom is a worldwide leading provider of SIP Trunking service especially for SIP Trunking contact centers and call centers using SIP Outbound Termination and SIP Inbound Toll Free Termination. ECTtelecom is currently offering a major carrier’s promotion as follows:

$0.0089 SIP Trunking Outbound

$0.0118 SIP Trunking Inbound Toll Free

$250.00 Monthly Usage Commitment

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