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Business VoIP – The Growing Telecommunications Solution

Is it Time To Switch Over To a Business VoIP System?

VoIP Provider

VoIP Service or voice over IP is becoming the answer for little, medium and large businesses around the world. Today, more and more people are using VoIP service due to the fact they are very easy to incorporate and they supply a list of benefits for businesses of all kinds.

Numerous successful businesses depend mainly on communication. Business VoIP service has the ability to break down a telephone call into electronic data that is then delivered through a broadband connection, just like any other sort of data. As a result, companies can cut the majority of excruciating expenses connected with communicating locally and across the globe.

Business VoIP is on course to change the world of communications. The explosive development we’ve seen in recent past is merely the start. Numerous market professionals agree that it is just a matter of time before POTS (” Plain Old Telephone Service”) will be a thing of the past and near extinct.

With a great deal of factors maintaining the surge of VoIP’s development, it just makes sense to look at adding Business VoIP to your company. VoIP offers numerous benefits to validate it’s development, and those perks equal healthy rewards for your company’s bottom line.

The most noticeable motivation any type of kind of company can have for transitioning to VoIP is cost savings. The greatest savings is recognized with toll calls, which are essentially eliminated. VoIP saves you on regional and international calling, while also dramatically lowering your regulatory charges.

Business VoIP can practically remove nearly all the exceedingly high cost functions connected with standard PSTN. The typical features that cost extra with regular telephone plans, such as Voice-mail, Call waiting, 3-way calling and call forwarding, automatically come with business VoIP service at no added expense to the company.

The versatility of business VoIP is unlike any other service. At anytime you can easily take your VoIP with you anywhere that has access to the internet. Whether you use a portable Analog Telephone Adapter with a regular phone, a wireless VoIP phone and Wi-Fi network, or your laptop computer configured for softphone, it makes no difference. You can take your telephone number, calling service and features on the road with you on your next company trip.

An obvious advantage of VoIP, from the viewpoint of resources, is that the exact same network carrying your data packets, also carries your VoIP packets. This permits modifications and additions to your VoIP system in quick time and at an economical rate, unlike standard telephone networks. This also gives network managers a practical means of overseeing VoIP usage information and it permits your company to utilize the exact same network engineers to take care of both your information and voice systems.

If you currently have a considerable financial investment in a conventional telephone system, switching to a business VoIP system does not mean you’re equipment and hardware is useless. Often, standard telephone equipment can be re-used with VoIP, making it possible to adapt your existing system to a VoIP network. Not only can you improve your business’s telecommunication platform, but additionally preserve your financial investment in standard telephone equipment.

When you look at the direction of the communication market, in addition to the many advantages and opportunities made possible with VoiP, it’s clear that business VoIP is a win-win for any type of company, big or small.

About ECTtelecom

ECTtelcom is an independent telecommunications agency offering Business VoIP services to United States and International companies. ECTtelecom helps businesses to chose the right Business VoIP  package by providing the detailed analysis required to determine the right service with the lowest rate. For more information contact an ECTtelecom specialist at US Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887 for a no obligation Quote.

SIP Trunking Services

SIP Trunking BenefitsSIP Trunking Services

If your company is involved in providing round the clock support while clarifying the user related technical and functional queries, then you need to seriously look at adopting the SIP Trunking Service voice transmission system provided by the Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) and the Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP). By making use of IP based voice transmission for making long distance interstate calls instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN), companies can cut down drastically on the call center voice based outbound support costs.

ECT Telcom is an independent telecommunication agency for major telecommunication providers offering voice based VOIP SIP Trunking. We help companies to choose the right SIP Trunking Services package provided by the major telecommunication companies such as AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Sprint and PowerNet Global.  At ECT Telcom we also provide details related to the rates charged by the different telecommunication companies providing SIP Trunking Services. As a business owner you could chose the lowest rates provided and then opt for that particular package.

ECT Telcom is a leading SIP Trunking Services provider for the United States and offshore call centers. You could get rates as low as $.0078 per minute for SIP calls that originate in the United States and terminate in a different state within the country. Similarly, you also get to pay very low rates of $.0080 per minute for inbound calls originating in a state and terminating in another state within the country.

As a business owner you could benefit by opting for the Dialer Short Duration Call option provided by ECT Telcom. Not many agents in the country have providers offering short duration call option. At ECT Telecom you are provided with a variety of SIP trunks provided by the different telecommunication companies and also the rates charged by them. By choosing the lowest rates, you get the opportunity to cut a lot of costs.

ECT Telecom is a premiere worldwide telecommunications provider. Using SIP Trunking for the first time can be intimidating, that’s why we have experienced staff of telecom agents to assist you through the process. At ECT Telecom we make sure that you get all the necessary services and best pricing available to find you the perfect communications solution.

There is no question SIP Trunking offers compelling advantages for your business.  Learn more about ECT Telecom SIP Trunking Services today with a free consultation at (800)-664-3071 or get a free quote through our online portal at

Cloud Based Contact Center

Cloud Based Contact Center

Leading multi-national software company selects inContact to unify service processes

Cloud Based Contact Center – 7th March 2012 – inContact the leading provider of cloud based contact center software and contact center agent optimization tools announced that a leading multi-national software company selected the inContact cloud based contact center routing and workforce management solutions to unify its global customer service operations. The company has plans to ramp its usage of the inContact cloud based contact center platform to nearly 250 agents in the coming months.

The software company supports thousands of product lines through multiple contact centers around the globe and prior to moving to the cloud, was using several different legacy premise-based systems to link these centers. The contact center management conducted an extensive search for a single vendor system to replace and harmonize the multiple systems, add new channel capabilities, and future-proof the company for growth.

The Software company selected inContact  cloud based contact center software to support multi-location and at-home agent deployments around the world, using a “follow the sun” routing strategy. The company uses at the heart of its customer interactions, and so inContact’s integration with this CRM as well as its ability to get the solution rapidly deployed to meet an aggressive timeline were key factors in the decision. Additionally, inContact’s flexibility enabled the company to deliver calls to the cloud on their preferred carrier.

“With our growing international presence, supported by our global cloud infrastructure, inContact is a very attractive cloud based contact center solution to multi-national companies with significant operations around the world,” said Paul Jarman, inContact CEO. “We are able to provide an enterprise-class solution to our customers, with all of the benefits of scalability, pay-as-you-go model, and disaster recovery that have become the hallmarks of the cloud based contact center delivery model.”

With agents working at home and at multiple contact centers around the globe, the cloud based contact center software company will be able to strategically manage its distributed workforce through the use of the inContact Workforce Management solution. The WFM solution will enable the company to maximize agent effectiveness and improve supervisor oversight through monitoring, training and scheduling.

About inContact

inContact (NASDAQ: SAAS) helps contact centers around the globe create profitable customer experiences through its powerful portfolio of cloud based call center software solutions. The company’s services and solutions enable contact centers to operate more efficiently, optimize the cost and quality of every customer interaction, create new pathways to profit and ensure ongoing customer-centric business improvement and growth. To learn more, visit

About ECTtelecom

ECTtelecom is a worldwide Master Partner for inContact Cloud Based Contact Center Software. ECTtelecom provides Call Center Software, SIP Trunking and MPLS Service for many Fortune 500 Companies. For more information contact today an ECTtelecom specialist at US Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887 for a no obligation Quote.

Blended Dialer Software

Blended Dialer Software

Smarter Blended Dialer Software

Blended Dialer Software by inContact, automatically moves outbound agents to inbound queues when call volumes increase, and back to outbound when the inbound service level is met, ensuring your agents are working on your most profitable activities.

In a perfect world, call volumes would be perfectly predictable, every contact would be handled swiftly, and you would always know the ideal balance of inbound and outbound agents.  However, as everyone in the business knows, call volumes fluctuate hourly, daily, and weekly and the “perfect call center” is just a fantasy. That is where a blended dialer software program can help.

inContact can’t wave a magic wand and make your call center fantasy a reality – but we can get pretty close.  Our inbound outbound blended dialer software is simulation-based and not only has all the great features our Predictive Dialer has, but it is also intelligent enough to dynamically address changing call volumes. When you don’t have enough inbound agents to keep up with demand, the inContact dialer automatically moves your outbound agents to handle inbound calls and preserve your customer experience. Once your inbound service level goals are met, inContact automatically moves your agents with the highest outbound proficiency back from the inbound queue to handle outbound calls.   Its sophisticated dialing engine also means that agents can handle all call types from a single user interface, making the shift between inbound and outbound call priorities quick and easy. This enables your agents to work on your call center’s most profitable activities all the time. And because blended dialer software billing is based on a pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for what you use – ensuring cost-effective resource consumption when compared to premise-based solutions.

Unlike other vendors who throw in regulatory compliance as an afterthought, it is the core principle for inContact’s inbound outbound blended dialer software. From its inception, inContact hosted Blended Dialer Software has been designed to dramatically increase agent utilization while still meeting regulatory compliance, including abandonment rate, ring-no-answer thresholds, and time-of-day dialing.  Because of its purpose-built design, there is no possibility, or need, for supervisors to micromanage or manipulate a campaign in search of better performance, providing an extra level of compliance protection.

About ECTtelecom

ECTtelecom is a worldwide Master Partner for inContact Cloud-Based blended dialer software or Call Center Software. ECTtelecom provides Call Center Software, SIP Trunking and MPLS Service for many Fortune 500 Companies. For more information about Blended Dialer Software contact today an ECTtelecom specialist at US Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887 for a no obligation Quote.

Least Cost Routing

Least Cost Routing

Wholesale Least Cost Routing (LCR) Carriers

ECTtelecom, a worldwide provider of cloud voice applications and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Termination services such as Least Cost Routing, offers Wholesale SIP Trunking Termination and Least Cost Routing designed for Call Centers, Facility-Based Carriers, CLECs, ITSPs, Hosted and SIP Trunking VoIP Providers, and Hosted Dialer Providers.

In voice telecommunications, Least-Cost Routing (LCR) is the process of selecting the path of outbound communications traffic based on cost. Within a telecoms carrier, an LCR team might periodically (monthly, weekly or even daily) choose between routes from several or even hundreds of carriers for destinations across the world. This function might also be automated by a device or software program known as a “Least Cost Router.”

ECTtelecom is a Master Agent for over 35 US Carriers. Because of our Carrier contractual relationships, ECTtelecom provides our worldwide Call Centers with Least Cost Routing with multiple carriers. The obvious advantage of having multiple carrier interconnects is that an engine can choose the lowest cost option for each destination maximizing savings. Least Cost Routing accomplishes this by integrating pricing algorithms into a database and having a SIP-capable routing engine query that algorithm to make decisions before making an outbound Termination call.

About ECTtelecom

ECTtelecom is a worldwide Master Agent for over 35 major carriers. ECTtelecom provides Wholesale VoIP Providers, Least Cost Routing (LCR), Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions, SIP Trunking and MPLS Service for many Fortune 500 Companies. For more information contact today an ECTtelecom specialist at U.S. Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887. For a no obligation quote.