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MPLS VPN a Smart Solution for Multi Location Businesses

Leading telecommunications company to promote MPLS VPN as a functional and cost effective solution for multi location enterprises. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct 28, 2010 – GULF BREEZE, FL – ECTtelecom, a leading telecommunications provider, has begun promoting and educating their clients regarding the benefits of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS).  MPLS may not be a household […]

SIP Trunking is becoming more popular with businesses

SIP Trunking – More Popular with Businesses At our business customers are switching from TDM Long Distance to SIP Trunking. Many of our SIP Trunking customers are also finding a solution of cutting costs by utilizing SIP over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on their mobile phones. Is it necessary to implement Dedicated Access for SIP […]

MPLS VPN Solutions

ECTtelecom is offering maximum flexibility and scalability at a lower cost than traditional Wide Area Networking (WAN) solutions such as Frame Relay and ATM can provide. MPLS is your flexible path to migrate from legacy data networks to a high performance, scalable and secure IP-based network. Link all of your sites to a single IP […]


Don’t let a sluggish network bring your company to a crawl. Web based applications, multimedia files and presentations, high resolution video and imagery, and a flood of image and file laden e-mails present a serious challenge to the modern company. ECTtelecom a master telecom agency meets the challenge with fast and efficient Ethernet service. It […]

Call Center Solution

Call Center Solution for Short Duration Calls ECTtelecom is a solutions service provider for businesses that are paying thousands of dollars every month for short duration calls. EctTelecom loves long distance SIP Trunking and TDM outbound call centers and telemarketers with short duration calls per second that use predictive dialers. Some service providers reject short […]