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SIP Trunking International Rates

3 Easy Ways to Obtain International SIP Trunking 1. Bandwidth: Your company may supply your own bandwidth at your country‚Äôs location, or request ECTtelecom to assist you in obtaining bandwidth. Bandwidth could include T1, E1, DS3, OCX or Ethernet where available. 2. IP Address: Provide ECTtelecom with your IP Address in your Country. 3. United […]

Call Center Long Distance

SIP Trunking for Call Centers Future Is Bright The future is bright for SIP Trunking. Many call centers are realizing how easy it is to switch from TDM Long Distance to SIP Trunking Long Distance. ECTtelecom offers Call Center Long Distance customers savings as much as 40% by switching from TDM to SIP Trunking. SIP […]