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          What is VoIP SIP? VoIP SIP — Voice over Internet Protocol (Voice over IP) SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is widely referred to as VoIP SIP, VoIP SIP Trunks and VoIP SIP Trunking. VoIP SIP is a peer-to-peer protocol, thus it requires only a simple (and thus scalable) core network with intelligence distributed […]

SIP Outbound

SIP Outbound Provider for USA and International Services ECTtelecom is a leading global SIP Outbound retail and wholesale provider for the USA and offshore call centers and contact centers around the world. Our SIP Trunking and TDM Outbound NPA-NXX rates are as low as $0.0017 and as low as $0.0078 for flat rate Outbound Termination. […]

Cloud Communications

Simplify the Transition to Cloud Communications With a diverse and ever changing communications landscape, the challenge many contact centers and call centers face is how to transition from TDM technologies that are costly to maintain to next generation IP communications with all the inherent advantages over TDM without having to make expensive investments in new […]

Cloud Contact Center

inContact Cloud Based Contact Center Software Solutions is an authorized master agent for inContact cloud-based contact centers and call centers worldwide. inContact’s powerful portfolio of cloud based contact center solutions enables organizations to operate more efficiently, optimize the cost and quality of every interaction in the contact center, create new pathways to profit and […]

Outbound Call Center

inContact Outbound Call Center Software in the Cloud ECTtelecom is the leader for Outbound and Inbound Call Centers and Contact Centers. We are a master agent for the inContact Hosted Predictive Dialer Software in the cloud that utilizes TDM and SIP Trunking. Outbound Call Centers around the world utilize the inContact cloud hosted call center […]