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ECTtelecom understands how the Healthcare and Medical IT must leverage communications like never before to simultaneously benefit patients and manage fiscal responsibility.

We know solutions must be delivered on-budget, on-time, and with the highest grade of customer service and support. Whether you need more bandwidth for real-time image transfers, additional security, or help streamlining workflows, we are 100% at your service.

Increase Bandwidth for Healthcare & Medical Platforms of the 21st Century

We provide solutions for access to real-time information, which can help reduce errors, assist clinicians with diagnoses and reduce costs. With our service providers’ network and many Ethernet solutions, you gain immediate bandwidth to move large quantities of data in real-time, as well as the support needed to use many applications at once. Most importantly, because healthcare IT needs evolve so rapidly, both Ethernet and today’ss network provide the ability to easily increase future bandwidth.


Our networking service providers can help create a high-speed, reliable, and scalable virtual healthcare solution. You can maintain cost-effective communications with your branch offices, mobile employees and physicians quickly and easily.


Ethernet provides a flexible, reliable way to interconnect locations across a metropolitan (city-wide) footprint. By extending Ethernet beyond the campus-bound LAN out to the MAN, an enterprise’s overall networking performance is significantly enhanced.

Internet Access

When an office needs Internet connectivity to connect to patients, hospitals, labs or other partners, our service providers can layer in security for cost-effective solutions.

CASE STUDY – The Children’s Hospital

“Our major task for the project was to move our pediatric hospital from downtown
Denver to Aurora. As a part of that, we also had to transition our 13 satellite offices to
new connectivity to that new location. So that was really our business driver in moving
forward with the project.”

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