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Two key components are at the heart of our IP phone system. ShoreTel Core Software leverages the distributed single-image architecture to deliver voice calling, features, and applications. ShoreTel Voice Switches, which run the call processing software, are distributed and offer N+1 redundancy.

Although the switches work together, the system’s intelligence is distributed across the architecture so in the event of a WAN failure, each site can function independently.

Voice applications, including rich calling features, voice messaging, and auto-attendant are similarly deployed throughout the network. This makes for both a single applications environment and stand-alone reliability at every location.

ShoreTel Call Manager, included as part of the solution, presents end users with a single, customizable interface to manage communications on their ShoreTel desk phone, computer, mobile device, or home telephone.

Adding ShoreTel Converged Conferencing to the platform gives end users access to a full suite of UC features including IM, call handling, presence, video, and collaboration tools.

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