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China DID Numbers

China DID Numbers for SIP Trunking

In the past month ECTtelecom was contacted by a US Fortune 500 worldwide company to assist them with China DID Numbers for SIP Trunking service, because the major US telecom carriers were not able to provide DID Numbers in China.

ECTtelecom provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers (sometimes referred to as virtual numbers) for China. China DID Numbers for SIP Trunking are available for call centers and businesses in China in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other cities. China DID telephone numbers can be forwarded and used with our SIP Trunking service providers virtually anywhere in the World.

Many of our International SIP Trunking customers use a China DID Number to create a local presence even without a physical office in China where the phone number is located. ECTtelecom can provide you with a local China phone number that connects to your phone in any country. We can provide local phone numbers for most major cities throughout China. We offer great DID Number and SIP Trunking rates for China to China (Origination and Termination) calls and Outbound Calls from China to other countries.

For more information about our China DID Numbers for SIP Trunking service contact today an ECTtelecom specialist at U.S. Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887. Please visit our website at https://www.ecttelecom.com – For a no obligation quote CLICK HERE.