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How many SIP Trunks do you need?

Basically a SIP Trunk is a digital phone line that allows your call center or business to make and receive phone calls from your existing IP (internet Protocol) network connection. This means you need as many SIP Trunks as you will have simultaneous calls at any given time throughout your organization.

For example, if you have 10 phone users in your office, and you know that at any given time you never have more than 5 or 6 users using the phone simultaneously, then you will need 6 SIP Trunks to ensure your business has enough trunks to handle your maximum simultaneous call volume on any given day. If you’re running an inbound or outbound call center you may need one SIP Trunk per operator or agent. So if you have 100 agents you may need 100 trunks.

The beauty of SIP Trunks is that they can be added or removed within hours, so your business, telemarketing call center or hosted contact center can make adjustments year-round to run at the maximum level of efficiency, always at the lowest cost. For more information about SIP Trunking contact an ECTtelecom agent today at Toll Free 800-664-3071, or International 850-936-5887.

Hosted Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

Call Center Outsourcing

To acquire new business and retain the old, you have to deliver better customer service than your prospect can and do it for less than your competitors. Unfortunately, you’re an outsider trying to be an insider and running a good call center is expensive. Not to mention, with all the other outsourcing call centers out there, you’ve got to deliver real, measurable value to your prospects while still making a profit.

inContact understands your challenges as an outsourcer like no one else. We as an inContact partner know when it comes to differentiation, for you, it’s not just a matter of branding, but a matter of success or failure. We can help you add measurable value to your clients by enabling you to collect critical business intelligence that can increase your customers’ dependency on your services. Not only can we increase your competitive edge, but we can help you reduce operational expenses and cost per call and help you deliver a better, more profitable customer experience for your contact center.

ECTtelecom has been a partner with inContact since 1998. We know contact centers and call centers and bring our telecom knowledge to the inContact management that includes SIP Trunking and TDM Long Distance Service. For more information about inContact contact us today at Toll Free 800-664-3071, or International 850-936-5887.