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Don’t let a sluggish network bring your company to a crawl. Web based applications, multimedia files and presentations, high resolution video and imagery, and a flood of image and file laden e-mails present a serious challenge to the modern company.

ECTtelecom a master telecom agency meets the challenge with fast and efficient Ethernet service.

It used to be that only 10% of the nation’s companies were able to receive Ethernet via fiber-optic connections. But ECTtelecom has a solution that expands that coverage more than 50 fold by delivering Ethernet over copper lines as well. Ethernet over Copper brings up to 10 Mbps of bandwidth that companies today are craving.

Ethernet is the standard for high speed internet. You may already be using it internally to connect your office computers. It is fast, reliable, and plug-and-play.Ethernet over Copper provides customers with a cost effective way to handle the incredible bandwidth needs of any company. Data centers, call centers, web based applications, and high-end workstations all benefit from the increased bandwidth of an Ethernet connection.