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SIP Trunking Interop Test


Call Center SIP Trunking Interop Test 

ECTtelecom service providers’ SIP Trunking Interoperability Test Programs has made significant investments in developing a SIP trunking interoperability test program to baseline configurations and validate interoperability.

The focus of the SIP trunking interop test program is to ensure that the equipment and services under test will operate in a consistent and supportable manner. This includes the PBX, station side phones, and the SIP trunking infrastructure that are a part of the SIP trunking service. These devices are run against a standard SIP trunking test plan designed to exercise both the most common and most complex call scenarios in use. Each PBX is qualified and an application note is created to document the successful configuration used. ECTtelecom schedules FREE SIP Interop Tests with its service providers prior to our call center customers signing a service order.

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