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What Is SIP Trunking?


The Many Definitions of SIP Trunking

by Adam Uzelac – Global Crossing

About 490,000 results (in 0.20 seconds, for what it’s worth) – that’s the number of results from “Guru Google” when asked to return information from the search, “What is SIP Trunking?” As you might guess, there are many different definitions of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking freely available on the Internet. Regardless of the definition that you subscribe to, enterprise cost-savings MUST be at the heart of the definition. SIP Trunking is a solution in VoIP communications by allowing a concurrent call(s) to pass over a SIP Service Provider’s IP backbone using SIP technology.

Wikipedia gives another definition to what SIP Trunking is:

The Wikipedia definition states: “In telecommunications networks SIP Trunking is a VoIP solution based on SIP protocol. This Solution allows ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Providers) to give Voice Services and unified communication via IP access to business customers (companies) equipped with a private infrastructure generally based on IP-PBX (Private Branch eXchange technology in IP)”. Source

I was asked to pontificate with a few colleagues to explain Global Crossing’s definition of SIP Trunking. In this first part of the “SIP Trunking Series with Global Crossing”, I explain what SIP Trunking is and the evolutionary path that got us to SIP Trunking.


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Global Crossing SIP Trunking

Global Crossing SIP Trunking Promotion



Lower Rates are available for heavy users of SIP Trunking. ECTtelecom is a master agent for Global Crossing services. For more information about Global Crossing SIP Trunking pricing contact us today at Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International at 850-936-5887. CLICK HERE for more information about Global Crossing’s $0.0110 promotion for Intestate Outbound and Interstate Inbound Toll Free.

Global Crossing provides a full suite of SIP Trunking services designed to enable converged data and VoIP UC applications. Over a single IP connection, organizations are able to send and receive calls via the PSTN leveraging a global SIP network connecting their locations around the world. Global Crossing SIP Trunking transports native IP applications as IP from end-to-end at the highest quality levels for the best collaboration experience. Our VoIP Services portfolio, (SIP Trunking service), provide a full suite of inbound and outbound calling plans that enable enterprises to maximize a Converged IP network architecture. The SIP Trunking Services suite is highlighted below:

Global Crossing VoIP Outbound™
Global Crossing accepts enterprise outbound IP voice traffic for international long distance calling to more than 190 countries. In addition intra-country dialing is available in select countries. The IP voice traffic is transported across Global Crossing’s private VoIP platform for completion via the local public switched telephone network. Full call detail records are provided and Global Crossing-provisioned and managed router services are available.

Global Crossing VoIP Local Service™
Global Crossing provides local origination for local numbers (DDI/DID) through a single IP point of interconnection. This service eliminates traditional time division multiplexing, private line and foreign exchange service fees by providing a single IP connection alternative that can support all originating markets services by Global Crossing. Global Crossing’s Local (inbound) Services are available worldwide including countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Global Crossing VoIP Toll Free™
Further leverage the benefits of your SIP interconnection with Global Crossing by adding one of our toll free product offerings: Domestic North America Toll Free Service or International Toll Free Service. These offer industry-leading quality and reliability to provide your customers and employees with a convenient and cost-effective means to contact you. Further, these services provide a robust set of enhanced features including flexible routing and reporting, emergency re-routing, and call termination overflow.

Global Crossing VoIP On-Net Plus™
Connect locations to Global Crossing via a dedicated facility, and send IP- or TDM-originated voice traffic for corporate-wide location-to-location calling using custom private dial plans without domestic or international long distance charges. Use the same connection for off-net call completions to the public switched telephone network, which provides IP gateway functionality. Benefit from on-net VoIP based audio conferencing services that eliminate toll free access charges when conducting audio conferencing sessions.

Global Crossing SIP Refer
Global Crossing offers customers with SIP Trunks the ability to blind transfer (without operator assistance) an inbound call to another location using the SIP Refer method (as defined in the IETF’s RFC 3515). Once the Refer is accomplished, the customer’s equipment is no longer involved in the call. As a result, the Simultaneous session usage is freed up to handle another call. This feature which is unique to the industry represents significant savings for customers doing frequent transfers.

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Global Crossing SIP Trunking

ECTtelecom is a Master Agent for Global Crossing

US Toll Free 800-664-3071   International 850-936-5887









Global Crossing’s Sweet Deal SIP Trunking Offer

NOW Is The Time To Save!

SIP Trunking solutions provide companies with advanced capabilities to their existing voice calling services. Now Global Crossing has a tempting offer on a SIP Trunking solution that will help your company realize true cost efficiencies for both internal and external calling.

What can SIP Trunking do for your business?

Lower the costs of implementing a new network for your business by capitalizing on SIP Trunking technology. And with Global Crossing’s industry-leading VoIP SIP Trunking solutions, you can utilize this technology for a tailored solution to meet your specific needs. In addition, the Global Crossing SIP Trunking solution is designed and delivered on an MPLS-based IP network with premiere Quality of Service capabilities, (QoS).

And now, Global Crossing Sweetens the Offer with a Discounted rate of $0.011 USD cost per minute for Global Crossing SIP Trunking Outbound service and Global Crossing SIP Trunking Inbound Toll Free service. The monthly usage minimum is only $2,500.00 USD. For call centers and business with heavy traffic using 1 million minutes plus per month can obtain Interstate rates as low as $0.089.

The promotion $0.011 USD Interstate rate applies to call centers and businesses utilizing US SIP Outbound Termination and SIP Inbound Toll Free Termination and International SIP Outbound Termination and SIP Inbound Toll Free Termination.

Effective Dates

All contracts must be signed by June 20th, 2011.

All orders must be submitted by June 30th, 2011.

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