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Lead Generation Company Selects inContact

UNITED STATES: Leading Marketing and Lead Generation Company Selects inContact In India

inContact, the leading provider of cloud-based call center software and call center agent optimization tools, announced today that a leading marketing and lead generation firm selected the inContact cloud-based interactive voice response (IVR) solution to enhance its marketing response messages.

The marketing company helps its clients efficiently place and respond to advertising. When a prospective customer completes a lead form requesting more information, the marketing firm will leverage the inContact IVR to immediately make an outbound call to the prospective customer, who is driven into the sales contact center. If the prospective customer answers the phone, the call is moved into the sales queue. If the prospective customer doesn’t answer the phone, the IVR will leave a message with a toll-free number to call for more information.

By leveraging the inContact system, the marketing company will have a reliable, scalable resource that can adjust according to demand, and by automating the system, the company will dramatically increase the efficiencies of its call center as opposed to having call center agents reach out to the more than 96,000 records they respond to each month.

“By leveraging the inContact IVR, this customer will have resources they need at their disposal, no matter the volume,” said Paul Jarman, inContact CEO. “The power of the inContact system is that it can be modified and scaled based on demand, without the expense of expanding the in-house telecommunications infrastructure.”

About inContact: inContact helps call centers around the globe create profitable customer experiences through its powerful portfolio of cloud-based call center software solutions. The company’s services and solutions enable call centers to operate more efficiently, optimize the cost and quality of every customer interaction, create new pathways to profit and ensure ongoing customer-centric business improvement and growth.

About ECTtelecom: ECTtelecom is a major Partner for inContact Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions in the US and International Countries. ECTtelecom provides Call Center Software, Call Center Inbound Toll Free, Outbound, and SIP Trunking to many Fortune 500 Companies. For more Call Center information contact today an ECTtelecom specialist at U.S. Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887. For a no obligation Quote CLICK HERE.

Cloud Contact Center

inContact Cloud Based Contact Center Software Solutions

ECTtelecom.com is an authorized master agent for inContact cloud-based contact centers and call centers worldwide. inContact’s powerful portfolio of cloud based contact center solutions enables organizations to operate more efficiently, optimize the cost and quality of every interaction in the contact center, create new pathways to profit and ensure ongoing business improvement and growth. inContact helps contact centers increase profitability by giving them the tools and expertise they need to reduce costs and create a brand-building customer experience. SIP Trunking or TDM Long Distance can be deployed with the inContact cloud based solutions for Outbound Termination and Inbound Termination.


• inContact Network – Carrier grade network that offers low cost routing and redundancy that single carriers cannot provide Contact Routing

• Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) – Intelligently route customers to the method of service they prefer and the agent most equipped to help them

• Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) – Provide a more personalized customer experience with seamless integration between the agents’ telephone and computer

• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Let customers interact the way they prefer with this call interface which recognizes and responds to simple commands and collects information to properly route the call to an agent or other self-help options


• No to minimal setup expenses

• Fast and easy deployment

• Access to software upgrades without paying software maintenance fees or involved deployments

• Pay-as-you-go billing model—pay only for what you use

• Easily scalable to handle fluctuations in call volume

• Reduced IT support staff and hardware requirements

• Can be installed on top of complete or partial existing phone equipment (Aspect, Genesys, Avaya, Nortel, etc.)

• Easy, rapid deployment means system is up-and-running in days, not months

• Added flexibility makes it easy to operate a virtual workforce and seamlessly connect multiple contact center sites

• Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

• Allows more business continuity

• Allows access to SIP Trunking or TDM for Outbound and Inbound calling

ECTtelecom consistently offers the lowest cost, High Speed Internet, Voice, SIP Trunking and contact center and call center software.  For a no obligation quote CLICK HERE, or more information about SIP Trunking Phone Service contact an ECTtelecom specialist today at U.S. Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887.