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Airespring Long Distance TDM and SIP Trunking

ECTtelecom a master telecom agent offers its customers long distance TDM and SIP Trunking service with AireSpring. With AireSpring Network Long Distance, you’ll get two T-1s worth of traffic – 48 lines – at a substantial savings!

Using G.729 Codec compression, AireSpring provides you with 48 channels of voice on just one circuit. That’s like two T-1s of bandwidth with the cost advantages of Voice Over IP (VoIP). Think of it as the AireSpring “Two-Fer”. And best of all, you won’t need to buy a new phone system to take advantage of AireSpring Network Long Distance.

AireSpring is a recognized leader in low cost dedicated long distance phone service. Whether your company has traditional phone equipment or modern IP enabled systems, AireSpring has a solution for you.

Customers needing 48 or more channels of voice will benefit from AireSpring Network Long Distance, which delivers two T-1s worth of capacity over a single circuit. This service is provided through our award winning SIP Trunking network and offers the maximum value for your dollar. AireSpring Network LD, enables you to achieve the power, flexibility, and affordability of SIP with your traditional phone equipment. We’ll set you up with a gateway device which sits between your phone equipment and the award winning next generation AireSpring IP network. Leverage the value of your existing phone system and achieve the advantages of IP telephony at the same time.

Why pay more for your T-1? AireSpring also offer the lowest pricing on dedicated long distance quoted across six tier one networks. Whether you need a T-1 of Long Distance or a DS-3, we provide you with a rate comparison across multiple carriers which serve your location. AireSpring is always ready to provide you with world class services at industry leading low rates.

For more information about AireSpring’s Long Distance or SIP Trunking go to www.ecttelecom.com or call 800-664-3071.

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