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MPLS Service Promotion

US MPLS T1 AS LOW AS $368.00


MPLS Includes Quality of Service / Class of Service

24 month minimum term required  

ECTtelecom MPLS service provides significant advantages for call centers and organizations with one or more sites, including the following functionality, all from one service: WAN between sites; Site to site VoIP; secure Internet access; SIP trunks; secure home workers with private MPLS ADSL connection for voice and data; and multiple QoS at all points to ensure accurate delivery of time critical voice and data.

These services may work independently of one another or together. When these two services work together, SIP acts as the call signaling protocol while MPLS functions as the network forwarding system. When a SIP service is used over an MPLS network, businesses benefit with improved voice quality, improved security, and robust features like video transfer. When the Internet was created, it was not designed to handle VoIP as VoIP was nonexistent at the time.

While the Internet has the ability to handle VoIP, VoIP used with SIP over MPLS networks provides greater benefits and is quickly becoming the new age communication solution. Not only can SIP over an MPLS network handle VoIP, but this new age communication solution can be an asset for Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions Providers such as inContact. As VoIP continues to replace ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephony services, we will most likely see more businesses opting to use VoIP with SIP over MPLS versus VoIP with the Internet.

For more information about our MPLS Service, SIP Trunking and Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions contact today an ECTtelecom specialist at U.S. Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887. Please visit our website at https://www.ecttelecom.com – For a no obligation quote CLICK HERE.

MPLS Service

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is designed to meet the mandatory characteristics of a large-scale telecommunications carrier class network. MPLS Service uses existing layer 3routing protocols as well as the widely available layer 2 transport mechanisms and protocols.

MPLS Service integrates the best of layer 2 and layer 3 technologies. The key component within a MPLS network is the label switching router (LSR), which is capable of understanding and participating in IP routing, and layer 2 switching. MPLS has provided significant new capabilities in four areas that have ensured its popularity: QoS support, Traffic Engineering, Virtual Private Network, and Multiprotocol Support.

ECTtelecom is a master telecommunications agent that offers MPLS Service wide coverage to reach 1,300+ cities and over 100 counties worldwide. CLICK HERE for a no obligation quote, or call our sales team at USA Toll Free 800-664-3071 or International 850-936-5887.

AireSpring Announces Next Generation Voice Over MPLS

Managed Voice and Data Over a Single Secure Connection.

Washington, D.C., September 21, 2010

Channel Partners Expo – Award winning SIP Trunking provider, AireSpring, today announced the launch of its new Managed Voice over MPLS product (VoMPLS). Available nationwide across three tier one networks, AireSpring MPLS-VPN targets multi-location businesses requiring secure, flexible, and intelligent voice and data connections. This solution offers maximum voice and data bandwidth and security at the most economical rates.

By combining managed IP voice services with an MPLS network, AireSpring delivers the next generation of communications technology today. In addition, AireSpring can hand off voice capacity to the customer via their preferred option including digital T1/PRI, analog POTS lines or SIP trunks. Airespring VoMPLS can be customized with a full suite of flexible calling features and configuration options. From the smallest SMB’s to the largest enterprises, AireSpring Voice Over MPLS is an affordable and attractive solution.

When introducing AireSpring Voice Over MPLS to the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Washington, DC, AireSpring COO, Daniel Lonstein noted, “Our customers and agents are increasingly looking to update their voice and data networks with the latest secure, managed voice and data technology. One of the great advantages of Airespring voice services is the adaptability of the product to the customer’s current and future phone system. Because our voice network is all IP from the customer premise, we can easily convert a customer’s connection from T1/PRI or analog to SIP trunking without requiring a new installation. We like to call our voice services “future-proof”. And with the unparalleled footprint of three separate underlying Tier 1 MPLS networks, we can reach nearly every potential MPLS location in America. This is huge news for us and for our customers and agents.”

AireSpring has gained recognition as one of the most dynamic providers in the cutting edge IP space and has been awarded the coveted Telecom Association “Members Choice” award for SIP Trunking, Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC)’s best in show for IP communication, and numerous awards and accolades for a complete suite of Voice, Data, MPLS and Conferencing solutions.

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