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inContact Philippines

ECTtelecom is a premiere partner for inContact cloud-based solutions for the United States and offshore call center – contact center industry around the world. ECTtelecom has been a partner for inContact services since 1998.

inContact ramps up local operations


MANILA, Philippines — inContact, the world’s largest cloud-based call center solutions provider with Asia-Pacific headquarters at the Bonifacio Global City, is ramping up its operations here to include global technical support and professional services.

“The commitment is this location is to make it our global hub. We are building our capability here,” said Brian Silverman, inContact managing director for Asia Pacific and Latin America.

inContact has already established their sales and marketing and are in the process of its moving in its global technical support and professional services.

Silverman said its long-term positioning in the Philippines as its sole investment outside of the U.S. is mainly due to the country’s huge BPO sector and very good technical people.

“We have 900 customers now using inContact solutions, but more and more because we have very competent technical people here,” he said.

In terms of local call center customers, inContact is serving customers with average of 40 to 60 seat-operation although they can handle more than 2,000 seats. It has recently signed in two customers with 250 and 350 seats.

Junie Pama, country manager of inContact Philippines, cited the benefits of cloud-based call center solution to making their operations more competitive.

“The call center can be a catalyst in the Philippines to leapfrog into the global market through cloud computing,” Pama said.

“If we can enable small BPOs in the regions, people will no longer come to Manila anymore because they have the right technology there,” Pama said.

“We want to bring this to third class municipalities,” he said.

A recent study by Frost & Sullivan titled “Premise vs. Hosted Contact Center:Total Cost of Ownership Analysis” found that call centers can lower the cost of their contact handling and workforce optimization infrastructure by up to 43 percent over a five year period by using cloud-based offerings rather than installing equipment in their own facilities.

The study also found that the larger the call center is, the higher savings are with the hosted model. Over five ears, 100-seat centers averaged 23 percent savings, 250-seat centers averaged 34 percent savings, while 500 seat centers averaged 43 percent savings.

Frost & Sullivan’s new “Total Cost of Ownership” Study proves that there is a clear cost advantage of as much as 50% in selecting a cloud-based call center solution over a traditional, premise-based system. Download the Frost & Sullivan “Total Cost of Ownership” Study today.

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Introducing the inContact Product Suite

Call Center Productivity Without the Price

The inContact platform is revolutionizing the way call center operations buy contact handling/workforce optimization applications. Unlike traditional, on-premise call center solutions, the inContact product suite is a set of on-demand software applications within our powerful IP network.

inContact is designed to support call center agents from anywhere – within a call center facility or from home. The inContact vision is to give our customers the ability to go from being a traditional call center to a full-featured contact center.

Because inContact applications are hosted within our network, our products seamlessly integrate with your existing telecom investment. No costly facility improvements are required to add ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) with skills-based routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and speech recognition, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), call blending and universal queuing.

The inContact cloud-based suite includes TDM and VoIP voice service such as SIP Trunking Outbound Termination and Inbound Termination for contact centers and call centers.

Our agent optimization features can provide additional value to the way your call center operates including an innovative hiring solution, an eLearning tool, workforce management functionality and a customer feedback and survey solution. All these features support multi-site locations and at-home workers from a unified system interface.

The inContact suite levels the playing field, bringing advanced contact center applications to every call center business. Managers benefit because they can quickly scale up or down, responding to changes in the overall business environment. The most popular enhancements are now pre-integrated and delivered in an affordable pricing service model.

• No big, up-front capital expenditure

• Low risk commitment

• No ongoing maintenance fees

• No costly integration every time a new service is added

• No on-site equipment to maintain

• No consulting services every time a contact flow needs to be modified

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Hosted Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

Call Center Outsourcing

To acquire new business and retain the old, you have to deliver better customer service than your prospect can and do it for less than your competitors. Unfortunately, you’re an outsider trying to be an insider and running a good call center is expensive. Not to mention, with all the other outsourcing call centers out there, you’ve got to deliver real, measurable value to your prospects while still making a profit.

inContact understands your challenges as an outsourcer like no one else. We as an inContact partner know when it comes to differentiation, for you, it’s not just a matter of branding, but a matter of success or failure. We can help you add measurable value to your clients by enabling you to collect critical business intelligence that can increase your customers’ dependency on your services. Not only can we increase your competitive edge, but we can help you reduce operational expenses and cost per call and help you deliver a better, more profitable customer experience for your contact center.

ECTtelecom has been a partner with inContact since 1998. We know contact centers and call centers and bring our telecom knowledge to the inContact management that includes SIP Trunking and TDM Long Distance Service. For more information about inContact contact us today at Toll Free 800-664-3071, or International 850-936-5887.