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SIP Trunking Savings

How does SIP trunking generate such dramatic savings?

Siemens says “No doubt you’ve heard the news that SIP trunking consolidation can reduce costs 30% to 60%. But when considering your options in SIP trunking solutions, the cost savings associated with trunk consolidation is only one of many factors to bear in mind. A holistic view will provide a clearer picture of potential costs and savings — not just with your initial SIP trunking deployment, but also with future investments in your enterprise communications environment.”

ECTtelecom can show you SIP Trunking savings by implementing SIP Trunking networking with TDM voice quality as an overlay to your existing PBX network. ECTtelecom provides U.S. and International SIP Trunking for Outbound Termination and Inbound Toll Free Origination. We have customers that are Fortune 500 companies and the largest call centers in the U.S.

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